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•ARMOR TECH - Corrosion Resistant Primers
•TRANS-COAT - Trailer and Equipment Finishes
•TRANS-COAT HS - High Solids VOC Compliant
•ACRYSTAR - Acrylic Modified Alkyd
•MIRACRYL - Acrylic Enamel
•MIRACRYL HS - High Solids Acrylic Enamel
•MIRACRYL HSLH - High Solids Low Haps Acrylic Enamel
•IRON PRO - DTM Ornamental Iron Finish
•DYNATHANE - Acrylic Urethane Enamel
•DYNATHANE HS  - High Solids Acrylic Urethane
•POLY PROTHANE HS  - High Solids Polyurethane
•AQUACRYL - Water Reducible Acrylic Enamel
•AQUACOAT - Water Reducible Alkyd Enamel
•PRO TECH Thinners and Additives
•PRO TECH Tinting Colorants


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